[violence]early and forced marriages

"We say: No culture, religion or tradition can ever excuse violence in close relations, like forced marriages (and other abuses and malpractises)." Action Plan now available in English!
Les islamistes accusent le gouvernement de porter atteinte à l’islam et au Prophète.
"Too Young to Wed: Child Marriage in Their Own Words - An exhibit highlighting the personal stories of young girls and women around the world"
More than 15 women groups attended a panel discussion during the Human Rights Council Sixth Session on 20 September 2007, to highlight the growing problem of forced marriages among women and girls as young as eight.
Un village mormon de Colombie-Britannique la pratique ouvertement et des études suggèrent de légaliser ce type d'union.
UNICEF congratulated the government of Madagascar on two new laws to reinforce child protection, including increasing the legal age of marriage to eighteen years.
The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) responds to the issue of polygamy
En Gambie, pour échapper au mariage forcé, certaines adolescentes fuguent ou se suicident, d’autres éliminent leurs époux.
Women's rights activists campaign to raise the age of marriage in Tanzania
Polygamous marriage is flourishing as the Government admits for the first time that nearly a thousand men are living legally with multiple wives in Britain.
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