[violence]early and forced marriages

After taking her own case to court, eight-year-old Nojoud has been granted an annullment of a marriage she was forced into with a man in his 20s.
L’enfant demande aussi le divorce pour abus sexuel et violences domestiques.
In the United States and Canada, about 37,000 people live in polygamous marriages.
La Suisse est aussi confrontée au phénomène des mariages forcés et -ou- arrangés, une coutume répandue parmi les communautés d'immigrés de type patriarcal.
"Certain intellectuals defend trokosi as an indigenous religious tradition that provides girls with a form of apprenticeship. None of the former trokosi, with whom I have spoken, shared this view."
Sanaa Awadkareem was forced into marriage and then disfigured with acid by her estranged husband.
More than 30 girls are missing from schools in Bradford despite efforts to track them down, MPs have been told.
Des islamistes s'occupent de mariages arrangés d'épouses etre de filles des résistants en Irak et en Palestine.
Segregated from men, banned from driving and facing restrictions on travel, work, and even study, many Saudi women attempt suicide to escape one of the world's strictest societies.
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