[violence]early and forced marriages

Amal was the victim of a so-called 'summer' or 'tourist' marriage, as Yemenis call the unwittingly temporary unions which are having a negative impact on religiously and culturally conservative Yemen society.
Pour favoriser la polygamie, une secte bannit des adolescents mâles.
An Indian woman who was allegedly raped by her father-in-law is now being ordered by a Muslim council of community elders to marry him.
The plan addresses the problem of forced marriages and recommends, among other measures, that steps should be taken to increase the level of knowledge and to provide opportunities for young people breaking out of a difficult family situation.
Women of Bountiful are prisoners, bound to a cult masquerading as a legal religious option in a multicultural society. This is a cult that is breaking Canada’s laws against polygamy and maybe underage sex.
Although village courts are illegal, they still hold a powerful sway in rural Pakistan, and verdicts that target the innocent - particularly women - are common.
L'amendement relevant de 15 à 18 ans l'âge légal du mariage des femmes, adopté le 29 mars par le Sénat et qui doit être prochainement examiné par l'Assemblée nationale, a eu le mérite de ramener l'attention sur le phénomène des mariages forcés.
Saudi Arabia's top religious authority has banned the practice of forcing women to marry against their will. Grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said forced marriage was against Islamic law and those responsible for it should be jailed.
Sections cover what to do if a student seeks help, is going overseas imminently, or what you should do if you suspect a student may be forced to marry.
New guidelines are being issued for teachers advising them about the warning signs that a pupil is being forced into a marriage.
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