[violence]early and forced marriages

Politics in Kyrgyzstan is what usually grabs headlines, but the country is increasingly divided over another, less understood news-making phenomenon -- polygamy.
The debate over polygamy was reopened in Kyrgyzstan with supporters including the nation's Justice Minister. Nonetheless, the decriminalization of polygamy has been rejected.
"Say 'No' To Forced Divorce - 'Yes' to Reforms" online petition campaign launched by women activists against forced divorce
The 'Anti-Women Practices Bill' seeks to make illegal forced marriages and depriving women of their inheritance rights.
Canada is violating its international human rights obligations regarding women and children by allowing polygamy to persist unchecked, says a new study commissioned by the federal Justice Department.
Ashiana provides temporary, safe, supportive housing for south Asian, Turkish and Iranian women between the ages of 16-30 who are experiencing domestic violence as well as a safe house for young women between 16 - 25 who are at risk of forced marriage.
More than 250 girls in Malindi District have been rescued from forced marriage and sent back to school this year.
The Ministry for Overseas Indian Affairs fully recognises the urgent need to safeguard unsuspecting brides and their parents seeking marriage alliances with overseas Indians.
Polygamy is enshrined as a man's right in Swaziland's new constitution, but women led by King Mswati's eldest daughter are having none of it, taking on the traditionalists that run the country.
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