[violence]early and forced marriages

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Lawmakers from the largest opposition bloc in the Bahraini Parliament are opposing setting the minimum marriage age for girls at 15, saying this is against Islamic principles.
A Saudi judge refused for the second time to grant an eight-year-old girl a divorce from her 47-year-old husband. The Unaizah Court ruled that the girl cannot file for divorce until she reaches puberty.
Un réseau jeunes filles confrontées aux violences et aux ruptures familiales.
Often the child bride is forced into sexual activity with her husband when she is not physically and sexually mature.
L'augmentation de l'âge légal du mariage est une véritable victoire dans le camp des femmes yéménites.
Although Yemen's parliament has agreed to set the minimum age for marriage at 17, there are concerns the decision may be rescinded as some members of parliament (MPs) say the amendments violate Sharia (Islamic) law.
The law stipulates that no marriage is to be carried out at any age without the consent of the woman.
A young woman has been saved from a forced marriage after police used new legal powers to prevent her father from taking her to Pakistan.
The committee of Islamic Legislations and Sharia’a in the Yemeni Parliament has rejected a proposed Draft Law to increase the legal age of marriage to 18.
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