UK: Launch of Forced!

WLUML Networkers
The one-stop website that provides you with practical information and sources of advice and help on forced marriage.
This website provides advice, information and essential contacts to help people out of a forced marriage. It might be you, it might be someone you know, or you might just want to find out more about this issue so that you can play a part in helping somebody who may be at risk or already in a forced marriage. There are lots of voluntary and community organisations that provide safe, confidential support, shelter and advice to rebuild a productive, independent life. The law can protect victims too.There is always a way out, and here is where to find it.
Everyone in Britain, whatever their religion or belief, has the right to choose whether to get married and who they want to marry. But in some cases - more often than we might think - people are forced into marriage. Sometimes it might be to someone they don’t like or have never even met. Sometimes they are too young to get married (sometimes as young as 12 or 13) or don’t feel ready to marry at all. And sometimes it might be that they are lesbian or gay and do not want to marry someone of the opposite sex.

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