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Thursday was Mother's Day in Afghanistan, and from house to house went the call for women to gather in what some say is the first such public prayer event by women in Kandahar.
How can peace be built? OpenDemocracy.net was at the conference trying to find clues from the Nobel Laureates and the NWI participants. Visit now for podcasts from the Nobel Women’s Initiative in Galway and read the commentary.
MPV seeks to bring together progressive Muslims and others who share their values to work for a more humane world.
The Yayori Award focuses on women activists, journalists, and artists who work at the grassroots level with socially marginalized peoples in order to create a 21st century free from war and discrimination against women.
Dans un Irak déchiré par l’occupation militaire et la guerre civile, des hommes et des femmes, arabes et kurdes, athées et croyants, sunnites et chiites, chômeurs, ouvriers, syndicalistes et féministes cherchent à sortir du chaos.
In 2003, Mohammed founded the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), which shelters Iraqi women targeted in 'honor' killings and sectarian violence and speaks out for women’s legal rights and secular law in opposition to Iraq’s growing Islamism.
Zeinab Peyqambarzadeh, an active youth member of the “One Million Signatures” campaign, was arrested yesterday for her participation in a peaceful protest on March 4. She reported to the Revolutionary Court after receiving a summons, where she was then arrested and transferred to Evin prison. Her father and lawyer attempted to post the set bail of 20 million toumans (about $27,000), but the court refused to accept the bail and would not authorize Peyqambarzadeh’s release.
Manifestatio: Des milliers de personnes ont défilé à Paris pour exiger une loi-cadre contre les violences faites aux femmes.
Un article d'opinion rédigé par 'Aimé'
Leyla Pervizat is a Turkish feminist researcher and activist who played a pivotal role in lobbying for the UN resolution on elimination of crimes against women and girls committed in the name of honour. An interview by Soheila Vahdati.
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