[empower] women’s activism

"Faut-il avoir peur des interpellations, des arrestations, des interrogatoires, de la prison, des amendes, des flagellations ou de longues peines de prison, pour nous tous, ou bien faut-il résister dans cet espace clôturé et faire entendre notre voix?"
Civil society leaders are now calling on the Kyrgyz government to halt persecution of human-rights activists.
Muslim women, who will meet in Malaysia later this year, are pursuing a 10-year plan for advancing women's worldwide leadership within Islam.
"Demanding Implementation, Challenging Obstacles: End Violence Against Women"
The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW), based in the Lebanese American University, is soliciting articles for the forthcoming issue of the quarterly publication, Al–Raida. The central topic will be “Refugee Women in the Arab World.”
The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice is an international women’s human rights organization advocating for gender-inclusive justice and working towards an effective and independent International Criminal Court (ICC).
Le prochain congrès de recherches féministes francophones se tiendra du 10 au 14 Juillet 2008 à la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Sociales de l'Université Mohammed V de Rabat Agdal (Maroc).
The Centre for Women's Global Leadership invites you to share what you feel are the most important challenges and obstacles that hinder you/your organization from being able to effectively move forward in your work on preventing violence against women.
Some women's activists in the Gaza Strip are nervously reopening centers for women and girls following civil war clashes. Others have stayed off the streets fearing a crackdown against them and their work by militant Hamas forces now in control.
Male and female activists from throughout Serbia participated in the Women in Black “Women, Peace, and Activism’ seminar held May 18-20, 2007 in Totovo Selo in Vojvodina.
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