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Amidst growing turmoil, insecurities, and crises caused by neo-liberal globalization, war, militarisms and extremisms, as these interplay with persistent patriarchy, several hundred women from the Asia Pacific region gathered Thailand.
The adoption of the Protocol in July 2003 was undeniably an important event in the history of African women's struggle for the recognition of their rights.
The Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) has taken the bold decision to review practice of triple talaq in its next meeting in July, in Kanpur.
Le rabbin séfarade Bakshi Doron, qui a occupé de hautes fonctions dans la hiérarchie religieuse, demande la liberté de choix et la reconnaissance du mariage civil.
Changes are under way, and the focal point of reforms is Algeria's archaic family law.
The merits of monogamy and polygamy have come under vigorous discussion in Benin recently, with the passage of a law that encourages the first - but tolerates the second.
Jordan’s lower house has quashed for a second time a temporary law granting women the right to divorce although Parliament’s legal committee and the Senate have recommended its approval.
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