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A new family court system recently set up across Egypt will lead to a huge improvement in women's legal rights, advocates say.
Nouvelles et principales dispositions de la Loi 03-70 portant Code de la Famille.
Le Code des personnes et de la famille béninois a été promulgué le 24 août 2004 par le Président de la république.
"La révision du Code de la famille est impérative."
The hard-liners who won Iran's parliamentary elections last February have focused on women's rights in their efforts to reverse some of the reforms carried out under the moderate president, Mohammad Khatami.
There is an opinion that conclusion of the treaty of marriage predetermines the fact that the couple will eventually get divorced.
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board proclaims that triple talaq is a social evil, but it is equally assertive that this social evil should not be removed by legislative reform.
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