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In its first-ever report on personal status laws, Human Rights Watch (HRW) paints a bleak picture of women suffering under Egypt's divorce system. Gihan Shahine (Al Ahram Weekly) reviews the report and asks its author, Farida Deif, some tough questions.
A major step towards gender equality and sexual and bodily rights.
At least 200 Muslim women from Debang VDC in Parsa district who were divorced without their consent recently urged the Prime Ministers Office and Cabinet and other ministries to probe the issue and bring the guilty to book.
On October 2, 2004, the new Family Courts Law, passed in March 2004, has come into effect and 224 Family Courts have opened their doors for the first time.
The Algerian government has examined and approved a preliminary draft of amendments to the Family Code (1984).
Chile has become one of the last countries in the world to grant married couples the right to divorce.
Le gouvernement algérien a examiné et adopté un avant-projet d'amendements du Code de la famille.
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