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They call Aminatou Haidar the Gandhi of the Western Sahara. Haidar went on hunger strike 12 days ago after being expelled from her home and having her passport taken away by Morocco, which annexed the former Spanish colony in 1976. Her alleged crime was, that on returning from New York after picking up the Train Foundation civil courage award, she refused to fill in the citizenship line on her customs form and wrote "Western Sahara" on the address line.

WLUML is delighted to announce that Ms. Shadi Sadr is the recipient of the 2009 Tulip Award, the Dutch Human Rights Defenders Award. "Shadi Sadr is being awarded the Human Rights Defenders Tulip for her exceptional courage, perseverance and work in an environment of concern, where human rights are repeatedly violated," said the Dutch Foreign Minister, Mr Verhagen, who will present the award in The Hague on November 9, 2009.

On Monday, the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington assembled an all-star panel of analysts for perspective on the role of women in the recent Iran election and post-election upheaval.
L’Iran est à la Une des nouvelles internationales. Qu’est-ce qui a conduit aux manifestations de masse ? Comment la situation a-t-elle changé si dramatiquement en une semaine ? Qu’est-ce que veulent les gens ?
The agony of more than 2,000 families here with stateless children might be over soon with the decision of a state-run organisation to push for equal 
nationality rights for women and men.
Dans Mogadiscio en guerre, des groupes de femmes essayent de remplir le vide humanitaire pour aider des milliers de personnes déplacées par les combats dans la capitale, ont indiqué des activistes de la société civile.
June 12 2009, the day that Iranians voted for a new president, was also the fourth anniversary of the demonstration that the women’s movement organized at the University of Tehran in 2005.
Women's groups in embattled Mogadishu are stepping into the aid vacuum to assist thousands more displaced by fighting in the capital, civil society activists said.
As the country prepares to elect its new president next week, Indonesian activists are trying to push gender issues onto the political agenda.
Iranian women have been on the front lines of anti-government protests challenging the official results of the June 12 election, in which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the victor.
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