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Front Line reported, on 17 January 2009, that Ghada Jamsheer, a woman human rights defender in Bahrain, had become the target of a harassment campaign. Ghada Jamsheer and her family have received threats, including many threatening text messages, and have been followed in a car.
The head of the Sharia police, or Hisbah, said the planned protest was an "embarrassment", and is "un-Islamic". The organisers have agreed to postpone their protest scheduled for 29 January.
Enjeux de société et fractures politiques
En effet, ce certificat est généralement fourni par un consulat marocain en France. Les consulats le donnaient assez facilement, même si les employés faisaient parfois la gueule en voyant qu’une musulmane (ou supposée telle !) allait épouser un « kafir ».
An ethnic Uyghur woman in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region who was scheduled to undergo a second-term abortion against her will—and whose case drew international attention—has been released to her family and allowed to continue her pregnancy.
A ban on marriages between Cambodians and foreigners aimed at curbing human trafficking has been lifted, officials said Wednesday, adding that new regulations will seek to prevent internet websites from featuring mail-order Cambodian brides.
Nobel Peace Laureate Shrin Ebadi on Wednesday criticised Iran's new Islamic penal code, saying it remains unfair to women and uses an "incorrect" interpretation of Islam.
Some 15,000 Palestinians who married Israeli citizens in the past decade are illegal or temporary residents. Their lives and those of their families have become "unstable," according to non-governmental organisations.
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