[state] repression of dissent

The Iranian authorities have arrested around 20 people since September 2004, all suspected of contributing to news websites.
Mahboubeh Gholizadeh held indefinitely, under undisclosed charges and her whereabouts still unknown.
Le Caire: 40 ONGs de défense des droits humains et une centaine d’intellectuels de 15 pays se réunissent pour dénoncer l'emprisonnement des journalistes algériens et les atteintes à la liberté d'expression dans leurs pays.
Acts of police harassment are taking place following several events, including the publication of a book entitled “Torture Days: Experiences of Women at Police Stations.”
A burst of violence in Thailand's southern region since Sunday has forced into the open the simmering question about Bangkok's relationship with the country's Muslim minority.
Egyptian Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations express their protest regarding the Ministry of Social Affairs' rejection of the registration of two Egyptian human rights organizations: the Land Center for Human rights and New Woman Research Center.
Amnesty International has expressed its concern that Toujan al-Faisal is not being allowed to stand as a candidate in the upcoming Jordanian parliamentary elections of 17 June, 2003.
Egypt's Court of Cassation has twice overturned the politically motivated sentences handed down by the State Security Court against Saad Eddin Ibrahim and other Ibn Khaldun co-defendents.
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