[state] repression of dissent

Human rights activists and independent journalists in Serbia are increasingly threatened and even physically attacked in an attempt to silence debate about past atrocities, Amnesty International say in a new report.
Les défenseurs des droits humains et les journalistes indépendants sont de plus en plus menacés, voire physiquement agressés, en Serbie, dans une tentative de musellement de tout débat sur les atrocités passées, a déclaré Amnesty International.
The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights (ECWR) received the final results from phase one of the parliamentary election of 2005, in which only two women nominated in the first phase won from 28 election districts.
L’ensemble de l’Europe, voire même de l’Occident, se trouve déjà bien infiltré, et ceci à tous les niveaux, par l’Islam politique.
Au moins quatre sites "féminins" (www.womeniniran.org, http://irwomen.com, www.iftribune.com, www.womeniw.com), qui traitent, entres autres, de la condition de la femme iranienne, ont été rendus inaccessibles début septembre.
President Ravalomanana has recently come under fire for his outspoken religious views which critics say marginalise smaller religions. In a recent church service, he shocked colleagues and critics alike when he said that he "dreams of a Christian nation".
Object to the policy of filtering, censorship and blocking of information on the Internet in Iran, particularly information related to women's issues and gender.
Many female candidates have reportedly received threats. So far five candidates have been killed and one is missing, the election commission says.
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