State control

The Tamil Nadu Muslim Women’s Jamaat has been initiated by the muslim women who are victimized by the male chauvinistic one sided Jamaats.
Afghanistan's only female candidate for president has no money for campaigning and almost no coverage in the media. Islamic fundamentalists hate her, and instead of a political party to support her she has a group of students from Kabul University.
The Commission on the Status of Women had reviewed the Citizenship Act, and recommended that the language should be changed from being exclusively male.
Le Caire: 40 ONGs de défense des droits humains et une centaine d’intellectuels de 15 pays se réunissent pour dénoncer l'emprisonnement des journalistes algériens et les atteintes à la liberté d'expression dans leurs pays.
A presentation from the Asia Pacific NGO Forum of Beijing +10.
Sweeping and stringent measures introduced recently by Uzbekistan’s authoritarian government threaten, among other basic rights, the existence of the country’s independent progressive women’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
Presentation from the Asia Pacific NGO Forum of Beijing +10.
Un apercu des combats menés par l’Union des chômeurs, par les syndicalistes et par les femmes Iraquiennes qui luttent à la fois contre les pressions islamistes et nationalistes.
Acts of police harassment are taking place following several events, including the publication of a book entitled “Torture Days: Experiences of Women at Police Stations.”
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