State control

The Experience of Palestinian Women in Israel and Muslim Women in India by Hoda Rouhana.
A report on the major defeat of the Islamist party PAS in Malaysia's recent elections.
What are we to make of the President's stated commitment to women's rights, as articulated on several occasions ...
This paper contends that the White House will be gravely disappointed with the result of its effort to establish a stable liberal democracy in Iraq.
Legislators won't recognize proposed Shiite-backed family law, seen as setback for women.
Au forum économique de Djeddah, les femmes, invitées pour la première fois à participer, ont fait entendre leur voix et exhorté les autorités saoudiennes à engager des réformes en leur faveur.
Jordan is embarking on a radical reform process aimed at modernising the country's political system.
With just half a million Afghans registered since early December 2003, the process has a long way to go to enfranchise the estimated 10.5 million potential voters eligible to participate in elections this summer.
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