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Statement from the West African Women’s Right Coalition (WAWORC) recently formed in Banjul the Gambia to promote and advocate for the rights of women in West Africa using African Union mechanisms, in particular the African Commission and ECOWAS.
Busloads of UAE national women gathered in Dubai at the weekend, asking the country's human rights organisation to help them regularise the status of their husbands and children who do not have citizenship papers.
Iran's supreme leader has vetoed a decision by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to allow women into sports stadiums, a government official said Monday, after the move caused a furor in the clerical establishment.
Ordonnance No. 05-02, 27 février 2005.
Bahraini women are battling a male-dominated society and powerful Islamists in their quest for reforms that would shift jurisdiction over family and women's affairs from Islamic to civil courts.
The Women's Learning Partnership stands in solidarity with partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Gulf regions to call for women's equal citizenship rights, including equal rights to confer nationality to their spouses and children.
When Sabah's husband left her in Syria and returned to his native Saudi Arabia, he didn't just leave his teenage daughter without a father. He also left her without a nationality.
Women's rights activists in Nepal have hailed a Supreme Court's ruling to scrap a law that allowed men to seek divorce if their partner was infertile.
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