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We are glad to inform you that we have heard that Ayatollah Shahroudi has acted to stop the execution of Ashraf, the 37 year old mother of four, who was sentenced to stoning for having had extramarital sex. However, her fate is not yet clear and we urge you to continue writing to the Iranian authorities on her behalf.
WLUML has received the following request for solidarity from an Iranian networker who is voluntarily representing Ashraf Kalhori, currently in Evin prison in Tehran and scheduled to be stoned to death as a result of having an extramarital affair, despite her earlier request for a divorce being denied.
On May 15-16, the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) held a technical workshop to provide a forum in which Afghan legal professionals could discuss how Afghan criminal law is applied in cases involving women.
While a Presidential fiat grants bail to 1300 females facing trial for various offences, it is unlikely to permanently benefit those charged with adultery under Pakistan's notorious 'hudood' laws - long criticised by rights groups as being anti-women.
The government has decided to retain all Islamic punishments in the Hudood Ordinance, including stoning to death (rajam), lashing and amputation for various offences, but has proposed procedural amendments regarding their applicability.
Egyptian women are the first in the Middle East to have gained the right to unilateral divorce through a procedure called khul. This article in the ISIM Review explores how cartoons and films now depict khul in a negative way.
Activists and experts working on women’s rights issues warned of the dangers of a general lack of information regarding urfi marriage, a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common in Egypt.
Multiple-wife marriages have been legally recognized in Canada to award spousal support and inheritance payments.
A Pakistani television channel initiates debate on the Hudood Ordinance.
Sheikh Mohammed of Bhadrak district, Orissa in a drunken state pronounced triple talaq to his wife Najma Bibi, but next morning realised his mistake and decided to live with her and their three young children.
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