[empower] women religious leaders

For the first time in recorded history, a mosque has invited a woman to lead a mixed-gender prayer at its Friday congregation.
J'ai une formation de juriste, et c'est avant tout pour cette compétence-là que j'ai été choisie."
Zuleyha Seker hardly seems like a rebel. But as one of 400 women preachers, known as vaizes, currently working in several of Turkey's state-run mosques, Ms. Seker is making waves.
On Friday 18th March 2005, Dr Amina Wadud will lead Jumah/Muslim Friday Prayer.
Siti Musdah Mulia has raised the ire of many for her boldness in criticizing some aspects of Islam considered sacred.
In June, a historic meeting took place in Morgantown, USA in which women marched on the mosque and created a national organization dedicated to reclaiming Muslim women's rights.
An unlikely feminist in India's traditionally male-dominated southern heartland, has caused a storm by leading the movement for the women's mosque.
In June, the North London Muslim Community Centre (NLMCC) became the first Muslim mainstream organisation in the UK to appoint a female Director.
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