[empower] women religious leaders

Mohammad Akram Nadwi, a 43-year-old Sunni alim, or religious scholar, has rediscovered a long-lost tradition of Muslim women teaching the Qur'an, transmitting hadith (deeds and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) and even making Islamic law as jurists.
Female imams guide others in worship and are the primary spiritual leaders for the women in their communities.
For the first time in Egypt's history, various governorates have named women as "Murshidat", religious guides and preachers.

Co-organised by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership & Women Living Under Muslim Laws the first two Feminism in the Muslim World Leadership Institutes took place in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey and in 1999 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Muslims have been challenging the prohibition against woman-led mixed-gender congregational around the world for years. Here you will find notices of woman-led prayers past and present.
In Syria Muslim female preachers will finally be able to emerge from the underground following a decision by the government to grant them official recognition.
An online tele-portrait of Amina Wadud, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia (in English with Dutch subtitles).
Les 50 premières mourchidates seront diplômées en avril. Formées comme des imams, sans en avoir le titre, elles auront essentiellement une mission d’encadrement.
The Islamic affairs ministry is about to hand out diplomas of Murshid (religious guides) to 50 women and 150 men who attended an annual course to become imams.
It’s not often that one is asked to lead a grand mufti in prayer. Especially if one is a woman. Indeed, until this February, no Muslim woman had ever been asked to lead a grand mufti in prayer.
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