[law] feminist interpretations of religious texts

More than 1,000 Muslims have demonstrated in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, against a proposed law which they say contradicts the Koran.
Translated excerpts from an interview with Alireza Alavitabar, published in the Farvardin 1382 (March 2003) issue of Aftab magazine in Iran.
L'anthropologue Dounia Bouzar, membre du Conseil français du culte musulman (CFCM), s'alarme du "nouveau discours religieux" des associations de jeunes musulmans qui vont chercher toutes leurs réponses dans le Coran.
These are days of agitation in the desert kingdom, and perhaps no group is more determined to push the boundaries of change than the kingdom's well-educated and articulate women.
She ran from the table and locked herself in the bathroom. He had had no idea, he said later, weeping out loud, that what she was doing was climbing out the window.

I remember going to their apartment the day after her death for ‘aza (condolence). She had survived for only a few moments on the pavement, a crowd forming round her as she moaned in great pain, and then had died, no one she knew at her side. She was buried the same day. She was forty-two.
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