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Saudi Arabia has held its first elections of any kind for 40 years. Women had expected to have the vote: six even put their names forward as candidates. But, in one of the world's most repressive societies, they were banned from the poll.
The survey shows women want legal rights; dispels notions that women believe tradition and culture should limit their participation in government.
Sheikha Lubna al-Qasimi, a member of the Sharjah royal family, is to take on the key job of economics and planning minister.
The shadow report raises critical questions and concerns on the Turkish Government's official report regarding the implementation of CEDAW in Turkey. The report is also endorsed by the Women’s Platform on the Turkish Penal Code.
Nous, femmes algériennes, nous adressons à Monsieur le Président de la République et à Monsieur le Ministre de l’intérieur pour demander notre régularisation.
The Tamil Nadu Muslim Women’s Jamaat has been initiated by the muslim women who are victimized by the male chauvinistic one sided Jamaats.
20 ans barakat! 40 ans ça suffit!
"20 years barakat!"* 40 years is enough.
The Commission on the Status of Women had reviewed the Citizenship Act, and recommended that the language should be changed from being exclusively male.
A presentation from the Asia Pacific NGO Forum of Beijing +10.
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