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This comprehensive report serves as a tool for identifying unfulfilled promises and for revisiting current strategies and programmes of action for protecting the human security of the 140 million Arab women.
Last week the six-party religious alliance that constitutes one-fifth of parliament introduced a bill seeking a complete ban on women in advertising. The move follows the MMA's recent successes in stopping women from participating in outdoor sports.
WLUML vous demande d’envoyer RAPIDEMENT des lettres de soutien aux mouvements féministes canadiens, et particulièrement aux mouvements de femmes dont les familles viennent de sociétés musulmanes, dans leur lutte pour résister à l’introduction de prétendus « tribunaux Charia » pour résoudre les questions familiales au Canada.
WLUML asks you URGENTLY to send letters of support to Canadian women’s organisations, in particular organisations of women whose families come from Muslim societies, in their struggle to resist the introduction of so-called ‘Shari’a Courts’ in the resolution of family matters in Canada.
49e session de la Commission de la condition de la femme.
Elle avait fière allure, cette conférence de presse, ce mercredi, à la Bourse du Travail de Paris.
Rights groups condemn ordinances that call for harsh penalties for adultery, drinking, and premarital sex.
Habiba Sarabi, Afghanistan's former women's minister, has outlined the challenge facing her as she prepares to take charge in Bamiyan province - that would make her the country's first female provincial governor.
Prosperous and possessed of a spirited parliament, Kuwait has prided itself on being a standard setter among the Arab monarchies on the Persian Gulf. With respect to women's rights, however, today Kuwait ranks just above Saudi Arabia.
It is very likely that governments will adopt a political declaration at the close of the BPfA review (Feb 28-Mar 11). The sign-on letter below calls for governments to support full reaffirmation and implementation of the BPfA.
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