UPDATE: Indonesia: Women activists reject Indonesia's pornography law

Women's activists coalition of South Sulawesi

Since the enactment of Indonesia's pornography law No. 44 year 2008, therefore we, from Women’s activists coalition of South Sulawesi rejected the bill and urged the government to withdraw the law.  Our legal effort that we have done by doing a judicial review of this pornography act was rejected by the constitutional court. Update on Indonesia: Law’s definition of pornography open to multiple interpretations

There are some basic consideration why we reject this pornography law, they are:

  1. That this act does not take side to the society, especially women, and the tendency of the act is to blame women.
  2. That by the enactment of the act, so diversity and pluralism in Indonesia is not recognized.
  3. That the tendency of the act is about criminalization towards the victims, especially female victims.
  4.  That by the enactment of this act, the people will also get the role (perpetrator of violence) from the police or other officials to capture or raided both suspects and victims who allegedly conduct pornography action.
  5. That the point is, it is not giving any human rights protection to the people, especially women and it does not respect art creativity in the society, and the fact is that this act kills the scientific world especially those dealing with human anatomy.

Up to this moment, we still reject this act and in the socialization forum of pornography law No. 44/2008, we declare to deny this act and choose to walkout. This concludes the statement of rejection, thank you.

  • Makassar, Wednesday 1st September 2010