[sex] dress codes

The pro-Moscow Chechen government has started to demand that female state workers wear headscarves, women in the turbulent Muslim region have recently reported.
The law lords today overturned a court ruling that teenager Shabina Begum's human rights were violated when she was banned from wearing full Islamic dress at school.
Naila Ayesh, a secular married woman who frequently goes about Gaza in Western clothes, has already noticed a subtle change since Hamas's election victory last Wednesday.
The Dutch government will announce over the next few weeks whether it will make it a crime to wear traditional Islamic dress which covers the face apart from the eyes.
This exhibition looks at the diversities and commonalities of women’s dress through space and time, highlighting the influence of many forces – class, status, region, work, religious interpretation, ethnicity, urban/rural, politics, fashion, climate etc.
A photo essay of the changing fashions on the streets of Dhaka.
Asma Jahangir, rapporteur spécial sur la liberté religieuse de la commission des droits de l'homme, devait rendre publique, 29 septembre, une déclaration sur la situation de la liberté religieuse en France.
The North German city-state of Bremen has been directed not to allow a Muslim female teacher to teach after she refused to stop wearing a head scarf.
Our religious education is completely sectarian and one-sided, stressing only one point of view. Article by Raid Qusti.
All this business about 'religious' extremists attacking a marathon because women were participating in it, and then presenting a bill to the National Assembly seeking to criminalise 'indecent' advertisements brings inevitable memories of the Zia years.
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