United States

WLUML is a co-sponsor of this event, to be held on 7th March 2005, as part of the Global Week of Action for Women's Rights.
Energised by last year's election victory which mobilised the Christian conservative vote, the American Right has been confidently pushing a moral agenda which puts education at the heart of a battle to change US culture.
Creationists take their challenge to evolution theory into the classroom.
Review of God's Brothel, a book by Andrea Moore-Emmett.
Antichoice group violates election law with ad in conservative weekly.
In June, a historic meeting took place in Morgantown, USA in which women marched on the mosque and created a national organization dedicated to reclaiming Muslim women's rights.
While its emergence as an important economic and political sector is lauded by many, the fact that this group is also experiencing an upsurge in cases of domestic violence against women is often ignored.
Soon after I began my study of the religious life of the Lebanese Shi’a residing in the eastern section of Dearborn, Michigan, I occasionally heard rumors that mut’a (temporary or pleasure marriage) was being encouraged by the religious leaders (shaikhs) in the community.
Protest in Washington DC in support of abortion rights.
The US has threatened to withdraw from the Cairo Programme of Action of 1994 unless the words reproductive health services and reproductive rights are taken out or changed. This is a shocking development which is a threat to women’s rights and health.
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