United States

The Christian right has launched a series of boycotts and pressure campaigns aimed at corporate America -- and at its sponsorship of entertainment, programs and activities they don't like.
Pour favoriser la polygamie, une secte bannit des adolescents mâles.
This article makes the point that lawmen can't stop going after criminals just because the number of criminals is "too great".
Despite the separation of church and state being enshrined in the US constitution, more than 40 per cent of US citizens said religious leaders should use their influence to try to sway policy-makers.
Conservative US families 'adopt' from fertility clinics.
Religious belief has always been an important part of American life, but has it seeped into parts of the nation which should be kept secular?
A lawsuit has been filed which challenges the federal government's funding of religious activities in the "Silver Ring Thing," a nationwide ministry program that uses abstinence-only sex education as a means to bring "unchurched" students to Jesus Christ.
The latest religious voice to emerge in US society is that of the pharmacist.
On Friday 18th March 2005, Dr Amina Wadud will lead Jumah/Muslim Friday Prayer.
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