[state] repression of dissent

Professor and historian Margot Badran laments the recent closing down of Zanan, the Iranian Journal for Women.
Arab Charter for Satellite TV: Article 19 warns this will be a major setback to freedom of the press in the region.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and his hard-line allies rail against the United States and other external “enemies,” but who they really fear are their own citizens.
On Tuesday word emerged that Iran's leading women's magazine has been ordered to close.
The decision overturned the government's policy of forcing Baha'i Egyptians to choose one of the three state-recognized religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism as a prerequisite for obtaining identification documents.
23-year-old Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh, reporter of Jahan-e Naw daily paper and a journalism student at Balkh University in northern Afghanistan, was detained three months ago.
Bahraini Special Security Forces and National Security suppress peaceful demonstrations; Women's Petition Committee condemns the attack on women at the General Prosecutor's.
Front Line reported their deep concern following the arrest of eleven human rights defenders and the alleged torture and ill-treatment of a number of those arrested.
Tolekan Ismailova sent the following information to the Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) after her second night of incarceration following her arrest in December while peacefully protesting irregularities in the Kyrgyzstan elections.
Two American peace activists, who had been detained by police on the night of Tuesday Dec 4., were deported to Washington on Wednesday evening.
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