[violence] sexual violence

In a society where police are indifferent and relatives fear scandal, the abused have suffered the taunting and groping in silence. A landmark court case may change that.
Gynecologist Monika Hauser receives recognition for her work with survivors of sexual violence in war. Read the full interview here:
Press release: human rights defenders ask the High Court to explain why a university teacher was exonerated of sexual harassment.
Harcèlement sexuel contre les femmes au travail.
At least 300 women are victims of sexual violence every year in Bamako, according to local police records, but the actual figure is much higher said the president of the Bamako-based non-profit, Women in Law and Development in Africa.
"Here is an unassailable truth: if sexual violence is not addressed during the course of a conflict, then sexual violence will haunt the post-conflict period, and make of the ostensible peace a mockery for half the population."
Netherlands-funded project is aiming to provide better protection for women and children exposed to violence and sexual abuse.
« Certains auteurs de violence étaient enfants pendant la guerre ; à l’époque, ils ont été exposés aux viols et aux violences sexuelles et depuis, ils continuent de le faire ».
A zambian court reaches a landmark decision in teacher rape case, ruling in favour of the girl who was awarded K45 million ($14,000).
Le Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU a exigé jeudi la fin des violences sexuelles contre les civils dans les conflits armés, pratique très répandue dans les zones de guerre à travers le monde.
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