India's National Commission for Women wants Madhya Pradesh state to explain why hundreds of would-be brides reportedly underwent virginity tests.
SPW identified four themes associated with sexuality—state, religion, science, and economics—that it believed warranted further attention to advance the field of sexuality, intellectually and politically.
Criminal Charges for Choice of Clothing Violate Rights to Privacy and Free Expression.
Lebanon's first and long-awaited book on the lives of queer women and transgender people in Lebanon is published by Meem.
La Haute cour a jugé que les rapports sexuels entre adultes de même sexe ne devaient plus être considérés comme un crime.
An Indian court ruled gay sex was not a crime, a verdict that will bolster demands by gay and health groups that the government scrap a British colonial law, which bans homosexual sex.
Over the last decade The Inner Circle (TIC) has discovered that Muslims who are queer struggle to make peace with their sexuality and their faith. They often trade in the one at the expense of the other and find it difficult to accept both identities.
The Indian government is reviewing legislation that outlaws homosexuality.
Wendy Harcourt's 'Body Politics in Development' sets out to define body politics as a key political and mobilizing force for human rights in the last two decades.
While one could think that aspects relating to sexuality would come into this debate as one of the key dimensions of human development, main obstacles remain, which make it difficult to more fully incorporate sexuality as development priority.
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