Long before the Caster Semenya sex-test row hit the headlines, South Africans in all their corners were questioning her identity.
Outstanding activists show how it is indeed possible to fight for LGBT rights by working with other Human Rights and feminist partners, positive examples are provided in the fashion of a survival kit.
Through the last month, Pakistani media celebrated the recognition of the citizenship rights of the hijra community by a Supreme Court ruling which declared them entitled to ‘protection guaranteed under Article four and Article nine of the Constitution.
Letter to the Press by South African activists in response to the controversy surrounding the 800 m women’s world running champion, Caster Semenya and the flurry of articles surrounding this sad saga.
A violent public backlash provoked by conservative religious leaders has many gay men now fearing for their safety.
Internet and mobile phones have spawned a new kind of marriage in the Gulf.
The report "‘They Want Us Exterminated': Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq", published by Human Rights Watch August 2009, documents a wide-reaching campaign of extrajudicial executions, kidnappings, and torture of gay men in Iraq.
A leading Muslim academic has said there is evidence in the Koran that homosexuality can be compatible with Islam.
Les fondamentalistes sont en voie de gagner le combat. En effet, ils ont réussi à placer le débat sur le port de la burqa et du niqab sur le terrain de la religion en faisant passer ces deux accoutrements pour un signe religieux, ecrit JAMIL SAYAH.
Une sexologue pas comme les autres fait un tabac dans le monde arabe. Oum Mohammad porte certes le voile intégral (niqab), mais elle n’a pas froid aux yeux. A la télévision, elle donne son avis sur les différentes façons de faire l’amour.
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