WLUML Annual Report 2013

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Gender equality: Building our strength together

Annual Report 2013  Women Living Under Muslim Laws
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WLUML Highlights for 2013
  • In 2013 the WLUML website received 13,463,973 hits, averaging 121997.75 a month; of the total amount 1,097,776 were unique visitors.
  • The most popular pages of our website continue to be Knowing Our RightsTalaq-i-Tafwid: The Muslim Woman’s Contractual Access to Divorce: An Information Kit, and the publication, and Control and Sexuality, by Ziba Mir Hosseini and Vanja Hamzic. 
  • Between 1st January and 16th December 2013, the Violence is Not Our Culture website had 52,725 visits, of which 46,437 were new visitors.
  • Visitors accessed the website from all around the world – in 2013, we received hits from approximately 177 different countries.
  • WLUML took significant action to support women human rights defenders in 2013, issuing and circulating at least 20 urgent action appeals and solidarity support messages.
  • WLUML launched its new newsletter this year in May and it has been widely embraced with 1,346 people subscribed to receive it as of 15th December.
  • Our social media presence continued to grow in 2013. WLUML now has 2,775 Facebook followers, the Stop Stoning Women campaign Facebook page has 315 followers, and the WLUML Twitter account has 1,186 followers.
  • The Stop Stoning Women Campaign online petition which launched on the 8th of March 2013 with the aim of gathering a critical mass of 10,000 signatures by March 2014, as of December 2013 it stands at 11,696 signatures!