"The authenticity of Furu al Kafi"

This is a Shia website that challenges Sunni doctrine. This document challenges the Sunni belief that there contains a “lost verse” on stoning. They cite several prominent and mainstream Shia sources:

  • Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali: "We did not make humans rulers, but we made the Quran the ruler over humans. This Quran is free from change but does not speak on its own accord, an interpreter is needed for this task." Nahjul Balagha part 6 page 7, Publishers Rehmania Egypt;
  • Hadhrath Imam Ja’far Sadiq: Ali bin Salam narrates from his father who asked Imam Jafer Sadiq (as) "O descendant of Prophet (S). What are your views on the Quran? Imam Jafer (as) replied 'the Quran is Allah's book; it contains commands of Allah; sent by Allah. It is not subject to alteration, neither can anyone claim that it has been changed, nor has anyone ever made such a claim. Amali-al-Shaykh Saduq, Page 545, Published Iran;
  • Shaykh Saduq: The completeness of Quran is so indisputable among Shi’a that the greatest Shi'a scholar of hadith, Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn al-Husain Ibn Babueyh, known as "Shaykh Saduq" (309/919 - 381/991), wrote: "Our belief is that the Quran which Allah revealed to His Prophet Muhammad is (the same as) the one between the two covers (daffatayn). And it is the one which is in the hands of the people, and is not greater in extent than that. The number of Suras as generally accepted is one hundred and fourteen ...And he who asserts that we say that it is greater in extent than that, is a liar." Etikadat Shaykh Saduq 93, Published Iran ;
  • Allamah Muhammad Hussein Tabatabai: This renowned scholar of the Quran writes in his very famous exegesis, Tafseer-ul-Meezan, 12th edition, page 109, Published Iran: “The Quran, which Almighty Allah descended on Prophet Muhammad (S), is protected from any change.”