Kuwait: Kuwait bars women from working night jobs

The Kuwaiti parliament on Monday passed a law banning women from working at night, except those in the medical profession, and barring them from jobs considered ‘immoral.’
The law, which was passed unanimously, prohibits women from working between 8:00 pm and 7:00 am and in jobs that ‘contravene with public morals and in all-men service places at any time.’
Conservative and Islamist MPs, who form a majority in the 50-member house, said the law aims at protecting women from ‘being exploited in immoral activities.’

Kuwait is a conservative Muslim emirate where alcohol is banned, but it does not have a strict dress code for women such as that enforced in neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

Kuwaiti women took part in parliamentary elections for the first time in June 2006, one year after they were granted full political rights following a struggle lasting four decades.

11 June 2007