Morocco: Moroccan Family Law (Moudawana - 2004) in English

Global Rights
An unofficial English translation of the 2004 Moroccan Family Law (Moudawana).
The translation was prepared by a team of English and Arabic speaking lawyers at the Global Rights head office in Washington D.C. and the field office in Rabat, and a professional Arabic-English Moroccan translator.
Their intention was to produce an English language text that reproduces as faithfully as possible the original Arabic text, rather than to elaborate an autonomous English legal text. They have therefore privileged a literal translation rather than attempted to clarify, explain or interpret the intention of the legislator. Global Rights hopes that this translation will be useful to researchers, NGOs and public authorities interested in family law and the rights of women in Morocco. For more information on their work in Morocco and worldwide, please visit

Click here to view the Moroccan Family Code (Moudawana) in English - in PDF format.