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What is sister-hood?

Women of Muslim heritage are always in the news – as victims, as ‘jihadi brides’, in innumerable pieces on hijab. We are endlessly spoken for, and spoken about. It’s time we got to speak for ourselves. If we can’t get heard through mainstream media outlets, then it’s time to build our own. We cannot allow ourselves to be placed on the margins of debates that directly concern us. Produced by Fuuse, sister-hood will ensure that our vital contributions to these debates are heard.

Purposes of sister-hood:

  • to promote known and unknown women of Muslim heritage who are working for human rights, gender equality, freedom of expression, peace and social justice;
  • to build solidarity, to nurture and connect a global community of women of Muslim heritage who stand for a shared vision of a more peaceful, just and inclusive world;
  • to bring together voices of women of Muslim heritage across borders through our platforms: sister-hood magazine and convening our sister-hood live events.
  • to show young women the feminists from Muslim heritage through-out history and into the present: women who have fought for personal rights and bodily integrity, who extended solidarity to women and other downtrodden people, and who improved their societies as scholars, artists, saints and activists.

We stand in solidarity with these women, the defenders of freedom across borders who are tirelessly struggling to build bridges over the fractured communities. They are nurturing creativity, compassion, dialogue and diversity  – despite the fact that some face condemnation, harassment and death threats. We will also remember those that we have already lost, who paid the ultimate price in fighting for what they believed, and what we believe.  Some of these courageous and heroic people also suffer from the rise of white supremacists across Europe as well as the consequences of the war on terror.

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