WRRC Contacts

The mission of REDRESS is to obtain justice for survivors of torture; hold accountable governments and individuals who perpetrate torture; and develop a means of ensuring compliance with international standards and securing remedies for victims. They pursue their mission through casework,...

Address: P.O. Box 99 350, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 524 0695 Fax: +64 9 524 0696

Contact: Mrs. Nikki Denholm

Address: Sumatrakade 1003-1005, 1019 RD Amsterdam, NL

Tel: +31 20 5091370

Fax: +31 30 273 38 44

Other Email: trefpunt@vluchtelingenorganisaties.nl

Contact: Alem Desta

This network seeks for violence against women to be understood as a human rights violation within Senegal; the revision and amendment of laws that are discriminatory to women; the passage of laws that promote gender equality; and women’s increased participation in decision-making processes. The...

Address: Sicap Mermoz No. 7416, Dakar, Senegal

Tel: (+221) 77643 90 29; (+221-8) 25 82 45

Contact: Ms. Magatte Sy Gaye

Rights & Democracy - Afghanistan is a WLUML networking institution.It has been in operation since 2002, and started by establishing the Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Fund, aimed at financially supporting initiatives launched by Afghan women’s organizations, with funding from the Canadian...

Address: P.O. Box 23064, 750 23 Uppsala, Dan Anderssons gata 26, 754 41 Uppsala Sweden

Tel: +46 18 32 30 57

Fax: +46 18 32 36 29

Contact: Abebech Tekleab

Founded in 1997, Salmmah’s goals are the establishment of a women's resource centre working on gender related issues and feminist theory in relation to the practices of women today. Salmmah also hopes to create a just society through spreading ideas of feminism, enhancing Women's Human Rights...

Shirkat Gah is a women’s rights organisation based in Lahore, Pakistan, and acts as the regional office (RCO-Asia) of the international network Women Living Under Muslim Laws. It has provided support to women who have been subjected to forced marriages and has organised and campaigned around...

Siraj Sait is a graduate of University of Madras (India), University of London and Harvard Law School. His areas of expertise are human rights, gender and land/housing, refugee and post-conflict studies and Islamic law. Since 2006, he has been member of the International Advisory Board of the...