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Habitat International Coalition (HIC), the global movement specialized in human settlements since 1976, comprises some 450 members in 80 countries, in the North and South. They include NGOs, community-based organizations, social movements, academic and research centers, professional associations...
A particular focus of HIC-SARP work is on promoting and protecting the equal rights of women to housing, land, property and inheritance. HIC-SARP aims to achieve its goals through advocacy, research, human rights education, and outreach through network building at local, national and international...
Hilary Lim has taught at UEL for over twenty years. She was awarded an ESRC scholarship for her studies leading to an MA in Law and Sociology. Hilary's PhD was entitled 'Mapping Welfare Rights'. Hilary has supervised several PhD students through to completion, most notably students studying as part...

Human Rights Watch is an international humans organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights worldwide. They have worked consistently with activists all over the world to disseminate news on human rights abuses and has issued alerts, research publications, and other resources....

The HSRC has equipped itself to respond flexibly and comprehensively to national requirements, by aligning its research capabilities into the following interdisciplinary, problem-orientated, research programmes: Education and Skills Development, Economic Performance and Development, Population...

HAWCA is an Afghan national NGO dedicated to working for the social wellbeing of all people with a particular focus on women and children who live in Afghanistan or in refugee communities in Pakistan. HAWCA recognises that violence against women and girls is one of the most prevalent forms of...

BP 3215 Messa Yaoundé Tel. (+237)-9956 97 90 Fax: (+237)-9922 18 73 Other Email: comforteffiom@yahoo.com Contact: Ms. Comfort Effiom

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KCMC School of Nursing

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