WEBINAR: Ensuring Women's Rights in Post-Conflict Reconstruction Efforts

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Revolutions and political upheavals offer important opportunities for women’s rights groups to make history by organizing collective actions in demand for gender-equitable laws and constitutions which affords women full citzenship and equality. Domestic women’s rights groups however are rarely alone in 
such struggles, and often form ties beyond their borders with transnational women’s movements to learn about other countries’ experiences.
This panel, composed of experts and practitioners in the area of post-conflict reconstruction and constitutional reform from the Middle East and Africa, will present a comparative analysis of some of the recent and on-going local and transnational strategies for ensuring greater respect for women’s political rights.
Welcomed by Homa Hoodfar, Prof. of Anthropology and WLUML Executive Board Member. Moderated by Mona Tajali, Assistant Professor of IR & WGSS, Agnes Scott College and WLUML Board Member.
September 22nd, 10:00 am EST.