[fund] co-optation by politico-religious and/or conservative forces

At stake is not just women's rights, but Pakistan's future by Sherry Rehman.
Muslim clerics in Iraq have been taking advantage of the political vacuum left by Saddam Hussein to try to impose their own strict version of Islam.
The Joint Action Committee (JAC), a forum of civil society groups, has rejected the proposed NWFP Shariah Act, 2003, and the Hasba Act.
In the chaos that followed the fall of Saddam Hussein last month, the Hawza, a powerful group of senior Shiite Muslim clerics, took over al-Rahmah, an orphanage in Iraq.
Most of the theatrical gowns designed by Feryal Kilidar over 32 years have gone up in smoke – burned by looters.
Les autorités maliennes "surveillent de très près" un courant religieux dans le nord.
Il demande la suppression de l'article 37 du Traité Constitutionnel de l'Union Européenne, que la Convention Européenne a la charge de rédiger et dont les travaux se termineront à la fin du mois de Mai
Tony Blair was accused of caving in to evangelical Christians last night after it emerged that new government legislation will allow faith schools, churches, hospices and other religious employers to sack lesbian and gay staff.
Catholics for a Free Choice a lancé en France sa campagne See Change qui demande la révision du statut spécial du Saint Siège en tant qu Etat aux Nations Unies.
Anti-American protests in Iraq, such as the April 28 incident in Fallujah that left an estimated 15 Iraqis dead, should not come as a surprise to Washington.
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