The Global Campaign, Violence is not Our Culture (VNC) has published Strategising Online Activism: A Toolkit. The toolkit is available for free download and distribution. Through this toolkit VNC hopes that campaigners will acquire the following skills: An understanding of why and how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be appropriated by women's rights and human rights groups in their advocacy skills through their use of online tools, including networking and mobile tools for advocacy and campaigning; The ability to develop an advocacy / communication strategy; Knowing what social neworking is and the various spaces and tools they could use in their online activism; An understanding of online privacy and security issues relevant to building their online activism.

When confronted with free speech as an act of self-expression, authoritarian powers throughout history have tried to assert their legitimacy and remove threats to their rule through censorship. To achieve this, the censor has had to be quicker than the pen. This task was relatively easy in the days of the printed word. However, today’s Internet revolution – especially blogs and other online social media – has turned the job of censorship into a censor's nightmare.

Welcome to AWID’s new online portal that brings together young feminists working on gender equality and women’s rights all over the world. The idea is simple: we believe in the powerful opportunities the internet presents for activists today. This Wire is a resource for feminists of all genders and ages, especially young women.

La blogueuse, journaliste et militante des droits de la femme Jila Bani Yaghoob a été récompensée dans la catégorie « Reporters sans frontières, Liberté d’expression », pour son blog « We are journalists » (http://www.zhila.org/spip.php?article217) à l’occasion de la sixième édition du concours international « Best of the Blogs », organisé à Berlin par la Deutsche Welle du 13 au 15 avril 2010, dans le cadre de la conférence re:publica consacrée aux médias sociaux (http://re-publica.de/10/en/).

Mahasin Saber wants her "Radio for divorced women" to put the spotlight on the serious deficits in the male-dominated Egyptian society, and to make people aware of the discrimination suffered by women. So far, she's succeeding. Nelly Youssef visited her in Cairo. Motakalat Radio confronts social taboos and men's assumptions about women | "Welcome! You're listening to 'Radio for divorced women' in Cairo ... a new life listening to what your heart tells you … a space to speak and to listen." Those were the words with which Mahasin Saber went on air for the first time at the beginning of the year.

La web radio « Voix de Femmes » est le support média pivot de l’association Nationale Femmes en Communication. Il sera conçu comme un outil de communication performant offrant un large espace d’interactivité (forum de discussion). Une web radio fonctionnant dans les deux langues français et arabe pour être accessible au plus grand nombre.

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