Violence against women

The purpose of this Circular is to provide guidance to those working in the criminal justice system on its provisions.
Muslim clerics in Turkey are to deliver sermons upholding women's rights and condemning so-called "honour killings."
Calls for stiffer penalties to be imposed on those who allow and practice female genital mutilation.
Federal police in India have arrested 12 people on charges of murder and gang rape during the 2002 Gujarat riots.
FGM has been a specific criminal offence in the United Kingdom since the Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act was passed in 1985.
Mohamed Kamel Mostafa, imam de Fuengirola (Costa del sol, Andalousie su), depuis 1992, est reconnu "responsable d'un délit de provocation à la violence pour des raisons de sexe" selon le verdict du tribunal de Barcelone.

The following Declaration was drafted pursuant to a symposium organized in Panlýurfa by the Human Rights Association of Panlýurfa. The symposium took place on November 22nd and 23rd 2003. We, the co-authors of this Declaration, are deeply concerned about the recent developments at the United Nations regarding the language adopted within various documents regarding women’s rights. The efforts in questioning and undermining already accepted language of the Beijing Conference and Beijing Platform for Action calls for an immediate action by women’s (human) rights defenders.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has vowed to protect a woman who faces being murdered by members of her own tribe in an honour killing.
A Muslim cleric who wrote a book that advised men how to beat up their wives without leaving incriminating marks has been sentenced by a Spanish court.
This new bill replaces the Female Circumcision Act 1985.
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