Law reform

In Nepal, customs, social systems and state made laws discriminate against women.
Two years ago, women were granted the right to instigate unilateral khul' divorce. It was supposed to change the face of Egyptian family life. However the results, Mariz Tadros discovers, have confounded all predictions.
D' après Abdoullah Cissé, professeur agrégé des facultés de droit, titulaire de la chaire de droit privé Université de Saint-louis Gaston Berger, en sa forme, le projet de loi modifiant le code de la famille propose une révision partielle dudit code.
Women activists in Kuwait have held a demonstration to demand the right of women to vote and run for public office.
Submission to the Tokyo conference on Afghan Reconstruction, 21-22 January 2002.
Open letter on freedom of religion in Pakistan.
Recent legislative reforms provide greater protection of the rights of women.
In solidarity with the Afghan women gathered in Brussels December 4-5th, women’s rights activists met in parallel session in Brussels to formulate support strategies for the implementation of the Brussels Proclamation issued by the Afghan Women’s Summit.
On the eve of the Bonn conference, we repeat our call to the UN to support and facilitate Afghan women's involvement in peace and reconstruction processes.
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