SCN’s organisational  goal is to contribute to the establishment of justice and social justice by implementing human rightswithin the society

SCN implemented 2 projects under WRRC:

1.  Positive action to reclaim women rights on sexuality, through:

Objectives & activities:

LSPPA’s organisational goal is to create a democratic society which values gender equity and diversity in its citizens from an early age. LSPPA works to promote awareness and understanding of values of gender equity in the learning environment of children,  and to influence relevant policies by  introducing  perspectives  of women and child right.

Since the enactment of Indonesia's pornography law No. 44 in 2008, the women’s activists coalition of South Sulawesi rejected the bill and urged the government to withdraw the law. Their legal effort - a judicial review of this pornography act - was rejected by the constitutional court. 

Outline of why the women's coalition rejected this pornography law:

The implementation of Islamic Sharia Qanun in Aceh has contributed to increased violence against women. This can be seen in the implementation of Islamic Sharia in Aceh that was focused on the matter of women's clothing, which also limited women's mobility, as can be seen on the case of the removal of the woman subdistrict head in the Bireun regency. Therefore, SP Aceh saw that violence against women in Aceh is directly impacted by the politicization of religion by concerned parties in Aceh.

The activities that were carried out led to the public's awareness of where the policy was implemented, which was in the villages and at the South Sulawesi province level. Overall the activity that was carried out has given an overview to the public about the series of activities that took place during the period of March to July 2009. The series of activities are as follows:

1.1              Public Campaign (Mass Action and Brochures Distribution)

She is a lecturer at the University of Indonesia's School of Law who is also the chairwoman of the Women and Gender Studies Center of the University of Indonesia, and holds a doctorate degree in anthropology of law. Sulisyowati, who recently launched her book Runtuhnya Sekat Perdata and Pidana: Studi Peradilan Kasus Kekerasan terhadap Perempuan (The Fall of the Wall between Crime and Civil Cases: Court Studies on Violence against Women Cases). Sulisyowati is currently a member of the Asian Initiatives on Legal Pluralism.

Kyai Hussain is one of a few religious leader who fights against the injustice against women. He promotes the needs of reinterpretation of religious text, both Koran and hadith, especially those create subordination and oppression of women. He believes that the only way for holy books is referred as guidance is by reinterpreting it in accordance with current context. Kyai Hussain is a lecturer as well as care taker in Dar al-Tauhid Arjawinangun, a religious school in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

Mark Cammack is Professor of Law specializing in Islamic and comparative law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles California. He received his BA in Asian Studies from the Brigham Young University and his JD from the University of Wisconsin. He is the author of Advanced Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell, co-editor with R. Michael Feener of Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia, and has published numerous articles and book chapters on Islamic law and Indonesian legal institutions.

Semarak Cerlang Nusa had three projects under the Women's Inheritance and Property Rights working group:

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