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New guidelines are being issued for teachers advising them about the warning signs that a pupil is being forced into a marriage.
Police are going through hundreds of files on missing people and suicides to look for signs of "honour crimes".
In the UK alone, 117 murders are being investigated as 'honour killings'. But over-sensitivity to cultural differences means that many victims are denied the justice that they deserve.
Tariq Ramadan is one of the top-billed speakers at the European Social Forum, appearing on a panel to present “Voices of resistance and alternatives from the global South”.
Les responsables européens du Forum social font une erreur en choisissant des islamistes intégristes comme intervenants à leurs débats.
On se souvient que l'an dernier, à Saint-Denis, la présence de Tariq Ramadan, soutenue par les organisateurs du FSE, avait soulevé une forte émotion chez de nombreux militants de gauche et dans le mouvement altermondialiste.
Only an internally generated intellectual revolution would provide Muslims a place of respect, by Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui.
Police are reinvestigating more than 100 murders in England and Wales they suspect could be so-called honour killings, it has emerged.
The Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales is urging voters to judge candidates for the local and European elections on their moral stances.
A study of the life circumstances and lived experiences of female and male non-heterosexual Muslims of Asian descent by Dr Andrew Yip (2003).
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