'Stop the extreme group of monks called Bodu Bala Sena who ignites the religious hatred, enmity and violent oppressions in Srilanka

Sri Lanka is in its worse law and order practice in the History once again. Three deaths amongst injured Muslims have confirmed so far following the Aluthgama riots ignited yesterday. 

Neither the States security nor the protection has been refused to innocent Muslims those who are victims of the hatred riots in the meanwhile the terror attacks seem spreading in the country. 
It became hopeless relying on the States protection hence the Police and forces were inactive even though they were at the scenes. 
As a supporter of our petition against the hatred and violence of any kind, we remind you once again that it is the duty to raise your voices to pressurise the Sri Lankan President and authorities to take control of the riot and to demand the arrest of the mobs who have ignited it. 
Also it necessitates the pressurising demand via the international communities, organisations, medias and individuals in interest. Please spread the news amongst all your contacts. 
We call the communities, medias, activists, organisations, individuals and general public to convey this message and make everyone heard the failure and the downfall of Sri Lanka's Law and Order and the so called Peace. 
Please stay active and do your best calling the relevant people to take the control of the riots using the security forces, to stop the violence and to make the necessary arrests at the immediate concern.
We say once again we hate the hatred of any kind.
Please sign the petition and circulate widely: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/stop-the-extreme-group-of-monks-called-bodu-bala-sena-who-ignites-the-religious-hatred-enmity-and-violent-oppressions-in-srilanka