WLUML Gazette 13th Edition, June 2014 - Our networkers are being detained, you can help!

Publication Author: 
30th June 2014

The WLUML E-Gazette is a monthly publication sent out to subscribers which aims to shed light upon the activities of the network and share important news about women in the Muslim world. The contents of the newsletter include the achievements of networkers and ICO members, events and conferences of interest to the WLUML network, and relevant news pieces. 

This month's editions of the gazette draws attention to the plight of Egyptian WHRDs being unlawfully detained - including our networkers and friends.  It also pays tribute to recently assasinated Salwa Bughaighis, a brave champion of democracy in Libya.  Amongst the dark news, we also have glimmers of hope - our networkers championing women's rights at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, and Haddy Jonga, a WELDD trainee reflecting on her feminist journey.

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