Violence against Women in the context of Political Transformations and Economic Crisis in the Euro-Mediterranean Region:

Violence against women, as well as women’s vulnerability to violence, has increased dramatically in the Euro-Mediterranean region from 2011 to early 2014.
Violence against women is recognized as a human rights violation and States have committed themselves to preventing and combating all forms of violence against women, and to end impunity for perpetrators. They have done so, in particular, through international instruments addressing gender-based violence such as: the CEDAW, the Rome Statute, the Palermo Protocol, UNSCR 1325, UN 1993 Declaration, Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. At the regional level, there are also several instruments at the disposal of governments and civil society organisations which should be used to prevent and combat violence against women. These include: the Council of Europe Convention and programmes; the EU policies and  programmes to combat violence against women both internally and externally; and the League of Arab States’ strategies

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