Jordan: Former woman parliamentarian faces charges and possible imprisonment for criticising the Jordanian government

The Women's Learning Partnership
: Former member of the Jordanian Parliament Toujan al-Faisal was arrested Saturday, March 16, 2002 following her recent public criticism of the Jordanian government.
She was released from Jweidah prison in Amman for health reasons following a hunger strike that she began on March 17th in protest of her arrest. At this time, the charges against her have not been dropped.

Toujan al-Faisal was the first woman elected to the Jordanian Parliament, where she served from 1993-1997. She recently announced that she will be running again for a Parliamentary seat in the upcoming national elections later this year. She is well-known for her vocal pursuit of domestic and women's rights reforms in Jordan. The Women's Learning Partnership ask for your support of Toujan al-Faisal's right to freedom of expression and request that you join the call for the charges against her to be dropped.